10 Things To Do To Add A Few More Pinches Of Love In Your Relationship

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Your relationship has a lot of love and trust, you are very happy in life and are totally comfortable in your life. More than often this results in you forgetting to appreciate the small things that you used to, at the start of the relationship. When you become too comfortable, you start to take things for granted and this becomes the cause of losing interest in one another over time.

Even if this is not the case, you can always make your partner fall more in love with you every day, after all, you can never get enough of love! Can you?

A relationship is not something that will continue going the same way on its own. It needs work and anyone who says otherwise is wrong! You always need to make time for each other, attend to other’s needs and also make them your priority.

So how to add more love in your relationship?? Here’s how!

1. Being appreciative

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As I said earlier, with the passage of time, you stop appreciating the efforts made by your partner each day. Like, when they make you tea or coffee early morning or when they make your favourite dish or when they bring you something that you had been eyeing for a long time. You start to get used to these things and think that it is what they always do! But if you keep appreciating everything with love, each day, your partner is going to love you more. Try this for a month and you will feel that you had never been this happy before!

2. Give them space

Allow them to live in their personal space too. They are an individual too and they have hobbies that you do not, give them some time to pursue those hobbies. Let them have some time to sort out their mess or decompress. They will appreciate the efforts more than you think.

3. Offer to do something they hate the most

We all have some task or the other that we simply hate doing. Like, may be your guy hates to shop for groceries or walk the dog in cold or how you hate to do the dishes. You can always offer to do the task that makes them groan in despair. You will feel their love for you growing like anything!

4. Put away your phone

No doubt technology has made our lives easier but it has also made us much more distant from the people we live with. There is nothing more disheartening than trying to spend some time with your partner while your partner is busy with their phone. So stop taking interest in the lives of people living far away from you and start appreciating those living closer to you! You put your phone away while with your partner and more than half of your problems are solved!

5. Fight nicely

How can anyone fight nicely?? Well, when trying to make your partner fall more in love with you, only doing the good things are not going to earn you brownie points, you will have to take care that you do not do the mean things too! Like, when you fight, you should totally stop name calling, it is one of the worst things to do in a relationship. Try to use more ‘we’ than ‘I’ and accept your mistakes, do not keep up the argument just for the sake of it.

6. Let them get it all out

Many times, when your partner has had a bad day and they are telling you things, just let them be, listen patiently and let them vent out their anger. It is good that they are talking to you and venting out their frustration instead of taking it out on you! After all, sometimes, it is going to be you who is frustrated and angry and you would also need someone to listen to you. So be kind and bear with their word vomit. Trust me, the favour won’t go unnoticed!

7. Match your schedules

Try to match your schedules, this way you will be able to spend time with each other. Check up with both of your’s schedule and make time for movies, date nights, outings, etc. When both husband and wife are working, it becomes difficult to match the time of your breakfast, lunch and dinner, even sometimes, you both sleep at different times. So try to do things together as much as you can, like, dinner, sleeping, etc.

8. Essence lies in the details

Remember when your partner told you what he likes in his coffee or what flowers are her favourite? Try to keep these small things in mind and make use of them time and again. they will appreciate the fact that you took enough pain to remember all this! And, if the favour is returned, no one would be happier than you.

9. Well timed gifts

Keep all the dates and occasions in mind. Giving your partner meaningful gifts occasionally is something which will keep them happy because they would appreciate the fact that you remembered the occasion and even bought them something. The gift can be as small as a card or chocolates but what would matter is the intentions and love behind those.

10. Celebrate success

Celebrate the little milestones crossed by your partner. Whether it is a promotion or any other achievement, make the day special for them and show them that you are happy for what they achieved and proud of them. They will simply love the look in your pride filled eyes!
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