He was an Auto Driver and I Fell in Love with Him! It Was Like a dream!

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It was a harsh Monday morning and I was out, on my way to work. I was as usual on the same routine every single day except for the weekends, Right? Weekends are always fun! That day I was feeling like quitting my day job and those 8 hours of torture to actually build a life of travel for myself. Though, the irony was that I was earning really well and couldn’t really afford to leave!


30 minutes past, in my car, the driver stopped suddenly!

“What are you up to? drive away! I am getting late.”

The car was punctured and I just couldn’t bear anything less than a fully Air Conditioned car. But I had to get down to try a different option for the very first time,

“It might be fun, eh?”

I asked to myself. But it was not because I was carrying two bags and an additional pack to carry my laptop! And suddenly I felt a jerk on my hand and when I actually realized after a second, it was a man trying to snatch my bags and me screamed and screamed. An auto driver came to my rescue and without thinking anything I jumped inside!




I told him the address I needed to reach and without any discomfort, he dropped me at the right place.

“Madam, your bag!”

He called out. And least did he know that it was a bag full of expensive stuff. He handed me the bag and his skin touch mine. For a second I looked at his eyes it was not completely black but with a hint of hazel. I kept watching him drive away!


“That day I, for the first time, fell in love with someone so pure and honest. I can’t describe the experience in words because it will always sound very simple to you. But for me, it was an out of the world experience! I don’t know if I’ll ever meet him or not but it was a beautiful token of honesty.


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