10 Reasons To Celebrate Your Singlehood

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Valentines Day is fast approaching and all the singles are feeling left out and bad about being single. But people, you don’t need to be sad. You might feel alone at times, but being single has a lot of benefits. Trust me, it has more pros than cons.
You have got reasons to celebrate your singlehood, and here are the reasons-

1. You can go weeks (sometimes months) without getting waxed/shaving, and no one gives a shit

You have the liberty to get lazy in your grooming, singles.

2. You have more friends

It’s not like you don’t have friends when you are in a relationship; but intentionally or unintentionally, you invest way too much time in your boyfriend/girlfriend and eventually lose your best friends. Being single means you can hang out more with your friends, and have as many friends as you want.

3. Getting drunk with friends is not followed by an argument

You don’t have to care about anybody getting offended if you drink too much at a party with your friends. You don’t have a partner who would fight with you when you’re already fighting with your hangover.

4. You need not report anyone about where and when you’re going


5. Liberty to flirt with hot people

And I’m not just talking about “healthy” flirting.

6. You don’t have to remember any dates

These days we don’t even remember birthdays; we have Facebook reminders for that. Now how are we supposed to remember all those other (un)important dates? Thank god I’m single!

7. You save money, lots of it

You are rich when you are single, because-
Occasions (that come very often when you are in a relationship) = Gifts = Empty Wallet

8. You can make (major) decisions without having to worry about its impact on “two” people

Imagine you get an amazing job opportunity which needs you to move out of the city/country. Now imagine your partner telling you to leave it because it would affect your relationship. How do you feel now? Pathetic eh?
Hahaha! Now you can thank god for keeping you single.

9. Nobody is cheating on you

You can sleep in peace. What else do you want, you greedy prick?

10. You can do whatever the hell you want to

There’s nobody who’ll tell you what to do and what not to do. Errrr..except your mom!!!



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