10 Reasons Why Indian Grandmas Are the Best!

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If you were fortunate enough to spend some precious time with your grandmother, you’ll definitely relate to these things. And if you still have her, consider yourself lucky and savour each moment.

1. She cooks the most delicious food in the world. Everything tastes better at her home.


2. No matter how much weight you may have gained from the last time you met her, she’ll always think you have become weaker.


3. She knows the home remedies for all kinds of ailments. And those home remedies are actually very effective.


4. She teaches you valuable life lessons which help you in your difficult times.


5. Your vacations are incomplete without a week long stay at Nani’s house.


6. She tells you the best bed time stories.


7. She tells you your parents’ amusing childhood stories in the most entertaining way.

8. She makes savoury delicacies for you and makes sure you gain a couple of kilos after your stay at her place.


9. Her love for you is unconditional and infinite and her blessings are always with you.

10. It’s always fun to see your parents getting scolded by grandmas.



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