4 Qualities to Look For in A Guy Before Accepting a Marriage Proposal!

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Okay, ladies so you think you are ready to accept his proposal? If the answer to this question is yes then wait for a second and be a little selfish till you are reading this. Saying yes to a marriage can be a life changing experience because marriage is that BIG decision of life which can make it more beautiful or more of a struggle. Before actually making up your mind on a guy, read on the list of qualities you need to have in your life partner.


1. Shows you the mirror

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Girls keep getting a ton of compliments from different guys trying to woo them. But if he gives you sincere compliments and holds up the mirror of truth in front of you, marry him! Guys who are not desperate for a relationship and do not care if a girl will turn down on them makes up the best life partners because they are just themselves and not anyone else. Such a kind of a guy who will tell you the truth in any case actually helps to add to your personal growth. You can always look up to them when in doubt. Isn’t that great?


2. loves his mother unconditionally

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Guys who love and respect their mothers the most make best husbands in the world. Because they know the value of womanhood. They are capable of handling all their responsibilities. This quality also shows a sensitive side of a man! A man who is not capable of loving his mother unconditionally cannot love any other woman ever in his life!


3. Positive outlook towards life


He should not be a full-time cry baby. If a guy cannot handle himself in difficult times then chances are that he can never be responsible towards you. A guy who is fun loving is the most attractive of them all.


4. Respects your dreams


Last but not the least, if a guy supports and adores your dreams as much as you do and understands that your dreams are a part of you, will make a responsible and loving husband. A Man who will believe in your dreams will have a beautiful heart and mind.


Have a healthy relationship!:)


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