4 Ways to Make Him Feel Effectively Jealous

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The man always makes his girl feel jealous. Do you want to know how to make your guy feel insanely jealous really quick?

Here’s how :


1. Wear That Dress

Grab your best black dress, put on some makeup and choose your best heels. Look your best and get ready to woo that friend of him or anyone you know. Make sure you do that in front of him. This will surely give him some envious goosebumps.

2. Go for a ladies night out

Suddenly plan a ladies night out and inform your guy before going but don’t tell him the destination. You are not doing anything wrong, just have fun and let your boyfriend feel jealous.

3. Make yourself busy

Make yourself busy and answer or call him very less. I know this will hurt you more than him but trust me, your guy will understand your value. Do this for a week and see the changes all by yourself.

4. Don’t care too much

Do you really want your guy to feel insanely jealous? Stop caring for him. Keep yourself busy and see what he has to say. Don’t poke him in any of his matters. If he loves you, he will surely ask, What’s wrong?


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