6 Signs The Person You Are dating Is Totally Into You

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When you start dating and you do not know the other person so well, it becomes a tedious task to understand what the other person actually mean by their actions. There are layers and layers of meanings in a simple text that you need to unpack and there is so much drama like who texts first or who calls first. It is all so confusing.

You really need to find out that whether the person is really into you or is doing it just for time pass and soon going to dump you. SO here are a few signs that you need to look out for which will tell you that he is into you and you can be happy about it.

1. Going through with the full date

Yes, some people just look out for ways to escape the date. if your date is spending the whole time with you and not making excuses for work or friends, then he is probably into you.

2. Wanting to spend time with you

If your date wants and tries to spend some alone time with you then it is a good sign. It is good that he is not calling in his friends so he can escape you. Calling in your friends is the best way to combat a boring date.

3. Extending the date

If your date is willing to spend more time after the dinner or movie then again it is a good sign for you. Going for a coffee or a club after your date is the sign that he wants to spend more time with you and doesn’t want the night to end just yet.


4. Suggesting another date

If at the end of the first date, you have a plan for another date then you are allowed to do your crazy happy dance, but in your mind only, we do not want to scare your date right away! It shows that he enjoyed being with you and is looking forward for more.

5. Follow-up text

Just when you are about to sleep after your first date, you receive a text from him saying that he had a great time is the best thing that can happen to you. If he is not into you and did not enjoy the date, he would probably try to forget you as soon as he reaches home, so a follow-up text is a good sign.


6. Going on spontaneous dates

If you are going on random and totally informal, non-cliche dates together like on grocery shopping or a walk in the park, then it is probably a good sign. You are always spontaneous and real with the people you like, so, if he is being spontaneous, then it means that he cannot wait to make proper plans and then go out with you, he is quite eager to spend time together.


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