6 Things You Should Really Thank Your Boyfriend For

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Dear Boyfriend,

I know I don’t always say it or thank you enough but there are so many times when I know that i am wrong and being unreasonable and still you put up with me. There are so many times when I adore you for small things that you do but don’t really express it. I know ‘Guilty as charged’ so here are a few things that I really want to thank you for. Here it goes…

1. Thank you for those days when we meet after a stressful day we have had but you forget about your problems and just try to make me smile.



2. Thank you for bearing with me when I throw tantrums & become all moody and irritating during my periods. You cuddle with me, watch my favorite movie with me and let me sleep in your arms.



3. Thank you for for saying that when I look like a mess, I look like a beautiful mess and I am your beautiful mess. Your silly antics of mixing compliments with honesty are what I love the most.



4. Thank you for listening to me ramble on about my insecurities at odd hours of night even if they are lame and you have to get up early. I secretly love it when you make me feel special about me later on.



5. Thank you for letting me set the selfie angle and take the selfie even if you look weird in it. Also for not getting angry when I post the same pic on facebook.



6. Thank you for loving me even more when I don’t wax my legs. Only you can make me feel special by calling me a frizzy bear.


With loads of Love!


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