7 Promises to Make in Your Relationship for the Eternal Bliss

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Every relationship has its own set of said and unsaid rules. Some rules are set with the mutual decision while others are set by a partner for their significant other. Even while getting married there are vows to which both of the partners agree and that is kind of sweet too.

If you want a happy and healthy relationship then you should promise your partner a few things and as it is said actions speak louder than words, you should abide by them too. So here are a few promises you should definitely make.

1. I promise to listen to you.

We often hear what our partner is saying but don’t listen to them. Either we are busy on our phones or are not interested in their side of the story. Promise your partner that you will listen to them even if you are fighting. Listening to them will definitely help you in solving the fight.

2. I promise to share things with you.

He is your partner and you should be an open book to them. This will help them in knowing you better and know why you behave certain ways. Share with them your fears and dreams, your dark secrets and fun stories, and they will reciprocate in the same way making your bond stronger.

3. I promise to talk my heart out to you.

Talk to them about what you feel for them. They should know what you find adorable in him and what habits really annoy you. If you won’t tell them all this may be they will never have any idea about how you feel. Be it things related to intimacy or how much you dislike his friends, let him know so that he helps you in finding the best solution for every problem.

4. I promise to respect the disagreements.

No relationship is a smooth ride. Disagreements happen but you need to agree to disagree. Respect their perspective and find a common ground to solve things. While arguing never disrespect the other person or their values and beliefs. You need to have a conversation without accusations and threats.

5. I promise to work as a team.

When you are in a relationship there is no you and me, but we. Promise to as a team. There should be self-respect but not ego clashes or selfishness in a relationship. Solve your grudges without keeping a score of things gone wrong because of the other person.

6. I promise to celebrate our uniqueness.

Every couple is unique like every person is. Don’t compare your relationship with someone else’s. They have their own struggles which might not be known to you. Celebrate your unique bond and appreciate what you have in your life.

7. I promise to make time for you.

In order to make your bond get stronger, you need to spend quality time with your partner. Keep doing things that make you enjoy their company and allows you to be with them even if it is for a short duration. Don’t allow monotony creep in, keep the love and intimacy alive.


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