8 Annoying Things Guys Do that Women Hate!

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1. Making vague plans

Guys please stop saying things like, “Yeah we should meet up next weekend.” That’s not actually an arrangement. What are we doing? Are we eating at a restaurant? Are we going to a concert? (Or is this your way of keeping your options open?)


 2. And when a girls ask you, “When are we getting together?” And guys respond with, “I don’t know, I’ve got this and that going on. I’ll let you know.”

This still isn’t a response gentlemen. We’ve got things going on too. We’re (mostly) not staring thirstily at our phones waiting for you to respond. But hey it’d be nice if you did in a clear, concise way.


3. Saying, “I don’t care” all the time, and about everything.

As a girl who says this often, I can see how it is really, really annoying. But guys are generally worse about this. Sometimes, it’s just better to at least make the effort to make a suggestion. It’ll take two minutes of your time.
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4. Being casual about the whole dating thing and when you tell them you no longer want to be casual and start seeing other people, they get jealous.

Sorry, maybe some people are tired of “hanging out?” (But then you still want to be casual?)


5. Comparing us to your exes all the time!

Comparing us to your exes or basically making us defend ourselves because your ex did something shitty and somehow, something we do reminds you of that. This one has simply got to stop. Or you could you know, go back to your ex.


6. Blaming everything on PMS

Accusing us of PMSing just because you don’t like what we have to say at the moment. Really, I don’t understand why guys say this and oftentimes think it’s funny. When we are PMSing, the struggle is real – it’s not a laughing matter at all. But don’t just assume we are, either way.


7. Expecting us to be honest, but judging us when we open up

Always telling us that you want us to be honest and direct and then when we express ourselves, you call us crazy. Look, it takes courage for anyone to really express how they feel, and shutting us down with, “Stop being crazy,” makes us never want to be completely honest again.


8. Not acknowledging the fact that we are different, perhaps a little more sensitive. 

Saying something offensive or something you know we’re deeply sensitive about, and then accusing of us of “not being able to take a joke.” No, they are not one and the same.
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