Adult Toy Education – Things You May Find Surprising!

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Adult education, more precisely sex education, was never taught in schools back in the day, it was most often considered taboo to even speak about it. Until the dawn on the 20th century arrived, were a few “unique” people took to the stage and made jokes about it, or went online on social media to showcase their first dildo, or perhaps some just began talking about it, as if it was part of a normal daily conversation. Which, to be fair, it should be. 

Things may have been far simpler back in the day, but they sure have gotten a bit more exciting in recent years. The sex industry especially has had quite the demand in recent months, due to the advent of having to quarantine ourselves and stay at home, with our partners, for days on end. For an update regarding this follow this link

Because we have had to stay indoors and not be able to go out, people tend to get bored. When people get bored, they experiment with things. Amongst the most popular things such as people trying out new recipes i.e. cooking, baking, making new cocktails and fabulous desserts, or the other spectrum where people have been building exciting things in their backyards such as hot tubs, garden seating areas, decking, adding swimming pools and whatnot. The one thing that also has been on the list is experimenting in the bedroom.

Things such as sex toys, lubricants, different positions, song and play, games, have all been invited into the room and couples are having fun exploring this topic both physically and mentally, and why not? When two consenting adults love each other or are at least attracted to each other, sometimes when things are spiced up in the bedroom, it results in a healthy relationship. 


What’s the New Kid on The Block…In the Bedroom?

So, as mentioned above, along with the experimenting that’s been going on in the bedroom involving a lot of play and sex toys, the online stores have also been adding some excitement to their catalogs too.

For those newbies who are still naïve to the concept of the Sex toy. Let’s give you some idea of what they are. They are sometimes referred to as “marital aids” or adult toys. Shaped in very specific ways and are used by millions of people around the world, to add more pleasure to their sex life, whilst in the bedroom with their partners. It could be anyone, husband, boyfriend, lover, call them as you like. 

Some people that suffer from a specific type of medical condition or sexual dysfunction such as  Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) or Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which can be caused by several things for instance stress, drugs, menopause, alcohol, cancer, bladder issues, hormone levels, trauma or even certain medications and treatments, can all suffer from these and other health problems that hinder their ability to have sex and enjoy it or get aroused in any way. 

Enter – Sex Toys. 


Why Use an Adult Sex Toy?

People use these for various reasons, as mentioned above. for many, it could be the only way to get any form of arousal or the easiest way as well. when people have vulvas, this is a common thing to use to get an orgasm. Using them is entirely a person’s own decision or personal choice and if you use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it should completely safe. 

One can use them alone or with a partner. Other people who have certain kinds of abnormalities can use them to either masturbate, try new positions, have sex, which would otherwise be difficult for them to do without any help.

What many people do not know about the act of sex is that there are several health benefits of having sex. Below is a list of some of these surprisingly good benefits.


Benefits of Sex

Improves Female Bladder Control

Did you know sex strengthens your pelvic muscles a lot of sex therapists suggest doing “Kegel” exercises, which help support the uterus, rectum, small intestine, and bladder of women? They are pelvic floor muscle training exercises and can be done very easily. A strong pelvic muscle helps to avoid any incontinence which typically affects over 32% of women at a later age.  

At any rate, a good round of sex is like a natural exercise that strengthens the pelvic muscles and when you have an orgasm it helps towards this. This muscle is the one you use when you are urinating. When you stop peeing halfway, this is the part of your body that you should be looking for. It’s like picking a small marble ball with those muscles. 

Sex Lowers Your Blood Pressure

That’s right if you want to lower your BP, have some sex now and then. If you’ve got a sex toy, it helps motivate you to have sex often in fact. There have many numerous studies regarding this and one of which found that intercourse in specific, and not just masturbation, helps to lower the systolic blood pressure of any individual. 


Give Your Immune System A Boost

This may sound like a very biased sentence but the truth is, those that have sex more often, take fewer sick days off. This is not our opinion alone but rather the opinion of sexual health experts. 

The elements that defend your body against harmful viruses, bacteria, germs, and other intruders get strengthened. Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that university students who had sex at least twice a week had a higher level of these defense antibodies in comparison to those who didn’t or had less. Get more of this study here.

Of course, this is not the only thing that helps your immunity, and there are other things one should do such as eating a healthy diet, getting other forms of exercise and activities, sleeping enough, and using condoms while having intercourse. 

Give your Libido A Boost Too

For those who are craving a slightly more enjoyable and lively sexual experience and life altogether, it sounds redundant but to improve your sex life, you must have sex more often, it’s the best solution. And if you find it too boring or mundane, in order toad some pizazz to it, use adult toys once in a while, and see how it feels, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results and how much fun you and your partner can have with one small gadget! Don’t forget the lubrication. 

In this case, it is true – the more you have it, the more you will want it. 



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