Best Budget Gifts for That Special Someone!

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Giving a gift to someone you care about is a gesture that extends far beyond the simple act of transferring ownership of something from you to that person. A gift represents the fact that your relationship means more than money, that the person giving the gift thinks about the other person, and that the recipient’s likes and dislikes have been thought of when selecting the gift. All of that comes together for a great gesture that’s intended to warm the hearts of everyone involved. A gift doesn’t need to be flashy or expensive to make a mark. Some of the best gifts have a very low true dollar value. In that vein, this article is going to go over a few budget gift options that are sure to tug at some heartstrings:


Thrifted or pre-owned items


This option is best reserved if you know the person will be receptive to it, as not everyone is a fan of thrift shops or pre-owned items. Often, pre-owned items represent design philosophies and styles that are long gone, but that appeal to the sensibilities of the person you’re getting a gift for. Anything, from 90s t-shirts to pre-owned watches, can possess an aesthetic that has slowly become lost to time. These items don’t cost the full retail price they commanded when they were new, but they fulfill their purpose wonderfully.


Utility items


It’s often said that time is money. If you follow that train of thought, giving an inexpensive gift that saves heaps of time for the receiver is worth more than the price tag of the item itself. If you know the other person likes to make a particular dish in the kitchen, then buying something specifically meant to make that process easier is a shoo-in as a memorable and fantastic gift. If the person enjoys making fries, then a potato peeler works wonders. Or, if they are avid readers, a specific kind of bookmark that appeals to their style of reading can be extremely well-received.


Informational books and how-to guides


Another excellent gift that won’t break the bank is the gift of information. As with all of these gifts, knowing the intended recipient’s hobbies is pivotal. Purchasing a book that will help them further their knowledge in a field they find interesting is a great way to let someone know you care about their pastimes. These books can range from how to build something to a manual explaining the concepts behind their favorite activities, or even just be scholarly history about their topic of interest.




The key to low-cost gifts is that they need to be extremely tailored to the recipient. Any cheap gift and of general interest would come off as if you don’t particularly care about the other person since the gift would make just as much sense if it were given to anyone else. The key is that although your gift may not be substantially valuable in a market sense, it shows you took time and effort into finding something you think appeals to them personally. As long as you actually consider their likes and dislikes before buying, a cheap gift can actually be much more poignant than something needlessly expensive.


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