Dear Future Husband, Here Are 10 Things You Should Know!

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I have dreamed of you since childhood, and the thought of you has always evolved while growing up. Moving from the prince charming of those Disney movies, things have changed. Now there are more realistic and practical things, not that shining armour.

Here are a few things I want you to know:

Dear Future Husband,

1. I am not a superwoman and I need your help, be it household chores or kids homework as it is your house and your kids too.


2. It’s India and here we marry families not individuals. There might be times where I won’t agree to your family’s opinions completely but that does not mean I don’t respect them or love them.


3. I will love if you will happily tag along on my shopping trips and help me with your genuine opinion instead of cribbing about why I brought you in the first place.


4. Be a friend who will support me. Even at those times where you might not agree completely, due to difference in opinion, but doing that will be best for me.


5. Accept me the way I am. I binge watch shows, can eat chocolates as a meal and a few other such things, but that’s me and I promise to accept you the way you are, be it your OCDs or may be your careless attitude.


6. I have come to your place and it will take time to adjust. I have left behind so many things and I am learning things here. Stand up for me whenever needed, be it relatives or lifestyle, because I am an outsider.


7. I may get jealous easily but that will be because I love you so never forget you are mine, forever.


8. I might be a little insecure at times but assurance from you that I am not fat, I look beautiful and such compliments will always help.


9. We are married but that does not mean we should forget our friends. We should not stop hanging out with our friends be it together or alone with respective gangs.


10. The best gift you can ever give me is your time. Listen to me, talk with me and discuss things. Nothing will be as precious to me as the moments spent together.


Your Future Wife.

PS: I love you and always will. We may have difference of opinion, fights and times where we might not even talk to each other, but that will be just a phase and it won’t make me love you any less.



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