How Moving-together Ready Are You?

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So you two lovebirds are madly in love and want to live together? Have you considered it all? I mean the privacy (there won’t be much of it), the being you (do they really, really know you?). To spare you the disappointment and nasty surprises, you should perhaps consider the following, before making the big move.

Already spend most of your time doing things together

You know each other inside out (well, pretty impossible if you’ve been together for only 4 months) but you do know by and large, each other’s ups and downs. You actually already spend most of your time together at each other’s places, so it would seem natural to just live at one single place.

A micrograph experience of what is going to be like

Can you handle it all?

It is crucial that you have an experience of living together before moving in permanently. Taking a vacation, or staying at a friend’s house will give you a somewhat clear picture of what to expect. You can only begin to know a person when you are being with them 24/7.

Fights are Constructive

You manage to get out of fights alive and wiser, not bruised and hurt. This is crucial, because the moment you move in together, fights will be more frequent. Knowing how to fight fairly will help you solve, rather than multiply your problems.

Finance done right

Figuring out your finances is huge. If one is unemployed and the other is on a high- paying job you need to  settle your contributions for shared expenses. Considering both have jobs, what’s it going to be? 50/50, or according to income?

Will there be something shared, everything shared? Limits should be set to avoid later misunderstandings.

Expectations and Dreams, Responsibilities

You might haven’t tied the knot, but cohabitation is a big step nonetheless. You need to be certain about each other’s feelings and  be prepared to compromise, settle, and even sacrifice some of your goals for the sake of your relationship.

There needs to be an agreement on your future plans , which ideally should be shared! Thorny issues like family and kids, house responsibilities, social responsibilities and other goals in life need to be addressed.

Ask now all the important questions

Open, thorough and honest discussions are also necessary, you ought to discuss your values, your trust issues, each one’s limits and red flags, to ensure a smooth cohabitation. By anticipating and being proactive on what’s to follow, you will have both the knowledge and capacity to tackle them efficiently.


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