#LoveDiaries: 10 Heartmelting Marriage Proposals!

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Every girl’s biggest dream is her perfect proposal. Proposals can be done in many ways. But most of the girls don’t like the ordinary ones, like getting down on his knee with a red rose and just proposing. So, to make it a memorable one you have to do something unusual. These ways takes proposals to a new level. So romantic, creative and personal! Check these out:

1. Try the magnificent beauty of nature.

Nature can help you if you want to propose a girl in an unusual way. This is the easiest and the cheapest way. The fact is, you just have to have a beach for this one.


2. Use animals to make it cuter.

Who could say no to this adorable cat proposal? Animals can be the best friends. They can provide you physical and emotional benefits. But this is strange that they can also help you out in proposing your girl. So, guys own a pet and propose your girl in a sweetest way.


3. No one says NO to Pizza.

Pizza can be the first love of so many girls. Way through your girlfriend’s heart can be a Pizza.

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4. Sometimes, romantic movies can help you.

How perfect is this? This might be the dreamiest proposal we’ve ever seen. Girls always like romantic movies and sometimes they admire them too. So, if your girl loves to watch movie, then this is only for you. You just have to organize some romantic setup for it.


5. Flowers can always impress a girl.

If you are less creative and have less time than the best option for you is to buy a beautiful bouquet of roses (Note: only roses. Girls love roses.)


6. Write it down in a sweet way.

This is also a unique one. Write your message with a ring if you are planning to marry her. She would love to be proposed in this way, for sure.


7. Seems geeky, but its aww-dorable.

If your girl is a bookworm than this one is totally for you. Girls love these kinds of geeky things sometimes.


8. If you want some drama in it.

This is also another filmy way to propose a girl. This is a bit normal in your life but may be it can change your life and can do wonders.


9. Are guys this much creative? #Cute

This is the craziest proposals anyone heard of. May be girls don’t like video games but girls would like this type of proposal as this will let your girl know that she is the only one now in your life.


10. Festivities can be in your favor sometimes.

It would require dedication for craving your sweet message on a pumpkin. But if you have to impress your girl and make it a memorable one, then do this.


Want to make your proposal to be memorable one? Ask your boyfriends to do some homework and to propose you in one of these cute ways.


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