Nasty Things That Best Friends Do Together!

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Having a best friend is like having a love, support in life. But more than anything it’s like knowing that there is someone who inspite of having seen your ugliest side loves you like crazy and wants to be seen with you publically.
Apart from the emotional strength that female friends share, we also need to celebrate the intimacy and closeness that we share with one, who dealt with all the parades that run through our body and still loves you respects you and barely brings up the time when you puked on your own clothes and fell off the steady car making that cylce wala about to cross your car, fall.

1. Going to the washroom in front of each other

Hanging out in the bathroom is best friends real grossness. And from the time they decided to pee in front of each other, was because they were now just super comfortable in front of each other.

2. Adjusting each other’s boobs

“Your left one kinda seems not in place, gooddddd they look so bigggg, how many bras are you really wearing inside?…. lemme take care of it.” Well you just need a reason to tease each other, be it 34DD or just a normal 32B.

3. Walking around chatting while one of you is naked

Well who gives a shit, after all we both have the same stuff. LOL

4. Drunken Nights’ Armors

Be it cleaning the each other’s puke, taking the drunken one safely back home or having each other’s back while someone’s trying to be nasty. Cuz before my best friend you gotta deal with me bro!!!

5. Discussing each other’s sex life in DETAILLLL

You aren’t shy to share your first clumsy make-out or a hot sex session or the very first time you got kinky on phone and completely messed it up or all your crazy fetish. You guys can absolutely be ‘all walls down’ with each other cuz you know they aren’t going to judge you.

6. Making them try that so called dish, made by you for the very first time

Non cooker? But you just decided to test your cooking skills? Well who’s better to experiment it on than your best friend. Because they will tell you exactly how shitty it tastes.

7. The first timers

Trying a bra for the very first time, or maybe unfolding the mysteries of how to insert tampons. The first time menstrual cycles. All these things is what makes life an absolute adventure.

8. Sharing Clothes, makeup, anything and everything

sharing clothes
Oh! I don’t have this color dress, makeup finish and no money left to buy new one for the date tonight? Well it’s okay cuz I will borrow my best friends’ stuff.

9. Farting in front of each other

You have already pulled things out of each others vagina and touched each other’s vomit. You are too comfortable in front of each other to act with all that sophistication and class. And plus you’ve eaten too much of Rajma for dinner. So BOOOO! here you go

10. Experimenting with each other’s body

Be it bikini was or bleaching the weird parts, even though you have never practiced or performed it; but you’re all in to try it on your best friend. Because there’s a first time to everything *duh*


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