Signs That You Are a Needy Girlfriend: Are You? It Can Make Him Run Away!

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There is a possibility that you are being too needy without even realizing it. It is very normal but excess of everything is bad. When it comes to relationships it gets hard for a man to give his 100% if a woman is not letting him in his private space. Before we show you the signs, it’s important to address that you and your partner are individuals first. You both can have goals and maybe to achieve them sometimes you will travel in different directions. This shouldn’t be a topic to be insecure about. Strong men and women know themselves and take pride in who they are. When you accept yourself fully chances are that you will accept others as easily. Before the relationship gets too clingy and suffocated look out for these signs.




1. You keep texting him all day long, during breakfast, lunch, dinner.

2. You feel insecure about your body, career, self if he doesn’t reply fast.

3. You cannot stand his female friends and want yourself to be the only female he knows.

4. You have this urge or need to start a depressing topic and play a victim

5. You are disrespectful to his family, especially his mother.

6. You keep telling him that you will die without him.

7. You want to be pampered all the time.

8. You are never ready to accept your mistake and drag a fight unnecessarily.

9. You force him to talk about marriage and future with you.

10. You hate when he indulges in his favorite activities because you feel left out.


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