Summer Fun Activities for Children

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It’s that time of year again when you can hardly keep your children to stay indoors. And why would you? For someone who loves spending quality time with their children —or just loves having time of their own,  a summer-surviving checklist is mandatory.

Such a list will keep  your kids busy with other things other than yourself and you sane.

You can now delve into this summer fun checklist! You’re welcome.

  • Picnic

This is no brainer, but few actually get down in actually doing it. With minimum effort you can get your fiercely active kids ample space to consume all that energy. Plus, you get time to catch up with friends without much worrying about their safety.

When it comes to great picnics location is key. Opt for one near a lake or pond, it substantially increases the number of activities available. Prepare some healthy snacks in advance, bring along any fun equipment and get ready to enjoy something else than your children’s constant boredom whining!

Games abound, from potato sack relay races, to water balloon fights, you can play many and varied games that can keep engage all present parties and not just the kids.

  • Home Camping and Scavenger Hunt

    Picnics: Classic, age-blind fun!

For those parents too lazy to go someplace, your house might as well suffice. Wake up an hour or so earlier than the rest and hide candy and other sweets in the backyard and all over the house.

Once the family is up, divide them into two teams and let the hunt begin! The winner team gets to camp at the backyard on the same evening!

  • Volunteering

It could be anything really. Just as long as they children volunteering is permitted.

Make the necessary calls and dedicate a whole Sunday for the common good. From gardening at a local building, to helping around in a nursing home for the elderly, the options for volunteering time are infinite! Have a productive, fun Sunday morning, whilst learning  on the significance of social service and care.

  • Let creativity run wild

There are numerous creative activities you can engage your kids in, without living your house or spending much money:

Create a colorful beaded sunglasses holder with your little fashionistas

Re-decorate summer flip-flops to suit the mood and style of each kid, let them glue on them buttons, feathers, stickers, anything.

Get them some textile paints and let them be fashion designers for a day!

Bring their sailor side alive by teaching them basic knot tying. If you do it while at the beach, fun increases verticallly.

Let this summer be full of happy, smiling faces and calm, rejuvenated parents. With a little bit of creativity you can come up with many summer fun activities to keep your children busy throughout summer vacation. What’s your fail-proof summer activities for keeping them happy (and busy)?


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