The Anti-Valentine’s Manifesto, On February 14 Love Yourself Instead

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All those cliché’s inundate us from all directions, chocolates and red roses, marriage proposals. Love, all of a sudden becomes our top priority. We focus on the love we give, so much that we forget to love ourselves too, we’re unable to see how desperately we need that rare compassionate pat on the shoulder. So this year we proclaim Valentine’s day to be a day we show love to ourselves.

Accept your faults, embrace your imperfections

Stop the heart disraughting comparisons with others. For once focus on yourself and what you excel at. But for this to happen you first have to accept yourself with all its perks and imperfections. By recognizing your own weaknesses and faults you make yourself impervious to others’ bitter words. You cannot be hurt, because you love yourself enough to not care what others will think of you. (Take that office gossip girls)

Nurture your exhausted body and feed your bedazzled mind

Amidst your increasing duties and have-tos, you forget to take care of yourself, you become everyone’s servant and they gladly take advantage of it. Become a No-person. Start refusing invitations, extra work hours, anything that robs off valuable time you could use to rest, exercise, fee yourself well, explore passions, get creative.

Dedicate ample me-time, even if its just to rest. Show love and appreciation to mind and body that serve you day after day without failing. Express your gratefulness to yourself by treating it gently and humanely. Focus on you and see how your body and brains will reward you multiple times your effort.

Get to know you better

Love yourself this year

You heard me. We reach adulthood, even middle age leading such busy lives we forget what truly matters: to know ourselves and how to respect and let it grow. It’s your responsibility to know yourself better, it lets your self-love grow, not the negative, narcissistic love, but the love that’ nurturing, supportive and accepts all your facets, good and bad.

This Valentine’s day take a look inside, respect your body, nurture your heart and love everything that makes you who you are. This day is all about loving yourself truly.


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