Valentine’s Day Alert: Take Yourself on a Date

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Creepy? Not if you keep reading! The idea of taking yourself on a date is actually the best thing after sliced bread — and puppies of course.

Dating yourself is all about giving time and attention to the most overlooked person in your life, you. We tend to spend so many hours and energy in our work, family and responsibilities that we rarely have the time to focus on our own needs and desires. Take yourself on a date and show some love, it’s long overdue. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s really no better way to celebrate love!

From going to the movies, to having a Spring picnic with cheese and wine all by yourself, any date idea can work. It might sound a bit terrifying, you start thinking, “What people would think, if they see me in a  movie theatre all alone? That’s sad!”

No it’s not, its actually liberating and it feels fantastic. I have one word for you, no SHARING. Every single snack is yours to devour, no judgement, no playing nice, it’s just you, the snacks and a demi god on the screen. Here are a few more ideas worth trying:

–          Go to the movies– finally you can watch as many rom-coms as your heart desires!

– Over-indulge in the arts, theatre/dance performance/art exhibition pick one and relish in innovative cultural happenings!

–          Go visit an old friend – a great way to catch up and discuss how much your lives have changed since kindergarten! A warm, trip down memory lane will leave you warm and rejuvanated!

–          Take yourself on a wine-tasting date. Time to bring out those nerdy facts about wine and perhaps meet like-minded people to share your obsession with!

–          Just hang out with yourself and have fun. Do whatever tickles your fancy, finger paint, stargaze or people watch. Let that silly 5-year old come through again and see how much fun you will have!

–          Discover new things in your area; vintage shops, new volunteering projects, coffee and tea shops We’ say it’s high time you found new flavours of java to be obsessed with.

–          Shower yourself with gifts. A bit to self-indulgent you say? Who cares! It’s your date, your rules!

Have you ever tried dating yourself? Any tips you’d like to share?


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