What Does Your Cuddling Position Say About Your Relationship!

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Cuddling is an important part of your relationship, and also starting of a hot & steamy session. And the way you and your boyfriend cuddle with each other says a lot about the kind of comfort and relationship you both share. Read and decide, where is your relationship right now?

1. Resting Your Head On His Chest

sleeping on his chest
One of the most romantic positions. If your boyfriend cuddles with you in this position he’s trying to nurture you and keep you safe.

2. Hugging him

This is a pretty intense position with their limbs intertwined with each other, which means that they don’t want to spend any minute without each other. Therefore, this position usually occurs at the very beginning of the relationship.

3. Touching just one hand or leg

This type of position generally means that your relationship is balanced. It suggests that you both give each other a certain space, but still want to feel your partner next to you to know that they’re there.

4. Not Touching At All

not touching
Some people do not touch each other, which means that they are super comfortable and don’t need to be touchy all the time, the other thing means that you relationship might be on the rocks, that you don’t feel the desire to touch each other at all.

5. Sleeping face to face

face to face
Couple who sleeps face to face loves to talk and thinks communication is a key to healthy relationship, that is why they talk looking at each other.


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