10 Signs That Prove Your Best Friend Is The Biggest Attention Seeker

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We all have that one friend who’s a crazy attention seeker. That friend would do anything to everything to seek your attention and the attention of people around. So here’s a tribute to that friend of yours.


1. The center of the world

This friend loves being the center of all the conversations. They cannot stand people talking about something other than them and their lives.

2. Photo-bombing

When you are hanging out in a group, they would be continously clicking their selfies. And on the top of that, they would photobomb every picture that you click with some other friend, or alone. BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO BE IN EVERY PICTURE!!
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3. Loud people

I’m not saying all loud people are attention seekers, but all attention seekers are definitely loud.

4. Worst Listeners

They are the worst listeners everrr! They just want to speak about themselves all the time, and hence would repeatedly interrupt you while you are talking.

5. The unwanted attention

They talk about how much unwanted attention they get, and how much they hate it. But they would do nothing to stop the attention they are getting, because they secretly enjoy it!

6. Possessiveness

They are possessive about you. If you make plans with other friends without informing them, they would feel devastated!

7. Cry baby

If they are telling you about the problems of their lives, and you do not give that issue the kind of attention they want, they would start crying. In fact, whenever they aren’t getting the desired attention, they would act like they have too many issues in life, and would cry about it!

8. Crazy drunkards

Just one beer, and they would be all sloshed (or acting sloshed). And then, they would be too difficult to handle. They would do crazy things to attract all the attention, and would totally embarrass you.

9. Mysterious People

They want people to ask them questions about their lives, and would therefore drop little hints or act all mysterious. They would smile mysteriously when they know you are looking, or say half a sentence and then back off, so that it looks like they are hiding something from you. They want you to be curious and ask them questions, so it looks like you are interested in their lives. This makes them feel important!

10. Worst movie partners

They would not let you watch movie in peace, because they cannot even stay shut for 2 hours! They have to say something in your ear, or crack stupid jokes, so that you pay more attention to them than the movie.

P.S.- Never take this friend to a movie; because not only you, this person disturbs other people around too.


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