James Bond’s Wallet

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If James Bond uses a wallet, what do you think it would be? Maybe a robotic wallet that can defend itself or something that Agent 007 can throw off to helicopter to get rid of the mafia members who are trying to escape. Maybe that kind of money holder is still under construction but you know what? There’s already something close that wallet of 007 and it’s called the ‘stainless steel wallet’.

When you hear the term ‘stainless steel wallet’ what comes in your mind first? Probably a foldable quarter-inch thick, hard, cold, metal thingy connected by micro hinges or something. Sounds heavy on your back pocket, right? And with the term ‘stainless’ in it, you don’t imagine it getting rusty and that’s true, this gadget won’t catch rust.

Agent 007

Agent 007

Contrary to James Bonds machismo and neck-breaking presence, stainless steel wallets are more widely used by guys who prefer to be classified as geeks. Well, geek is a positive word. If you’re going to search online for what this wallet looks like, you’ll have an idea. Usually gray or silver in color, it is also available in bronze or brown. Stainless steel wallets are made of steel microfibers which is smoother and softer than it’s leather and nylon counterparts. You’ll never know how it feels to touch its addictive, buttery softness on your palm, until you visit your nearest supermarket and check it out personally. If you’ll decide to get one, you can say goodbye to your old, bulky leather or nylon wallet. Stainless steel wallets will remain slick for a lifetime because it doesn’t stretch much like that of nylon and leather. And guess what? This cutting edge money holder is radio signal resistant, so if you love carrying your cash cards inside your wallet, you’re 100% safe from identity thieves who uses radio signals to detect credit card details. Finally, a steel wallet no one can steal!


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