10 Bollywood Covers That Sound Better Than the Original

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Bollywood has a song for every occasion, happy or sad. For every situation, we have been given a song by our beloved Bollywood. We love those songs and sometimes a song gets stuck in our head that keep humming a single song the whole day. We listen to songs on loop and wonder how the music and lyrics are just so perfect. To us, those songs can’t be any better but our happy bubble is broken after we listen to some brilliant covers of those songs. Then comes the moment when we find the cover song even better than the original one.

Here are a few covers that are just perfect!

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai by Siddharth Slathia

2. Chura Liya by Jonita Gandhi

3. Afreen Afreen By Nauman Shafi

4. Yeh Raaten Yeh Mausam by Sanam ft. Simran Sehgal

5. Yeh Vaada Raha by Shraddha Sharma

6. Closer | Kabira by Vidya Vox ft. Casey Breves

7. Jeena Jeena by Aakash Gandhi ft. Shweta Subram

8. Sab Tera | Soch Na Sake by Shirley Setia

9. Banjaara by Avanie Joshi

10. Ishq Bulaava by Shraddha Sharma

Tell us in comments your favorite Bollywood cover song.


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