3 Hacks to Attract and Amplify Creativity in Your Life

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It’s said that creativity is a learnt skill, in a peculiar way we become addicted to creative work and we actively and often desperately seek to engage with life in creative ways. But then you’ve got work, responsibilities, social life and a million other open fronts, that make creativity just seem less and less attractive. Putting it into your mile-long to-do list won’t make it exactly thrilling, is it? So how do you attract creativity in your life?


No matter how hectic your schedule is if creativity is  passion and as such, it should be on the top your schedule. Making time for creativity is mentally preparing yourself adequately for the creative activity to follow. Think of it as giving it due attention and time. Treating creativity as it deserves, with respect and your wholehearted attention will yield impressive results.

Let your inner artist persona out

Create your own definition of success

Creativity culminated with success so it’s important that you set healthy, feasible goals.

Don’t compare yourself with others and their success. Don’t get lost in the vicious circle of feeling inadequate. Creativity is so closely intertwined with success. Don’t mimic what other have, create your very own objectives, find ways that creativity makes sense to you. How creativity can be fulfilling and invigorating according to standards you set and you’re comfortable with. You cannot possible expect to create masterpieces with a few hours of practicing per week, you ought to set realistic goals.

Embrace change and evolution

Most creative people have a hard time realizing that along with them their creativity work also changes. That it evolves and takes on different forms as they gather more experience and learn new things. Don’t try to eradicate this evolution from your creative work, let it show, be proud of how personal development is depicted so vividly in your creative work.

How do you try to attract and commit to being creative?


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