The Literature of Existence!

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Well, literature is written by human beings, and so it is about life at its core. People write about literally everything… there is no part of life that has never been written about, and so… it reflects and mirrors what people think. Literature is even important if you never pick up a book, and only watch TV. … Someone has a question about a television show… where do they go? Usually the Internet… and this is literature too. It is a bunch of people getting together and writing literature about whatever comes to mind. It’s a sort of literature that appeals to almost everyone, because there are so many subjects and so much information, whether you prefer non-fiction, or whether you like your truth a little more diluted.

Why are books precious?

For Each, His Own!

Literature has covered a multitude of life’s situations such as love, success, and fantasy. There are stories everyone can relate to, and stories for us to get lost in and escape the real world for a bit. It is like living more than one life simultaneously.

Literature, poetry, art, theater, and music are the color in life, an expression of the human race from individualized perspectives. Literature teaches us who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. It is all those personal narratives which were overlooked in historical accounts. The written word is our gift to the future, reciting the story of humanity. Books can be powerful, uplifting and life changing.

Once you develop a taste for any form of literature, it just grows on you. So many vintage points to look in lives and perceptions and choices of people, the grey shade of people!


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