Rachit Goel: A Passionate Food Lover and Travel Enthusiast Joins Lifecrust Bloggers’ Hub

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A born and bred Dilliwala, Rachit is  an electronics engineer by profession with an undying passion for food, travel, music and technology. The rather stout physique foregrounds his non existent sports craze. A well cooked chicken, sarcasm, the mountains and the pen are his best friends.


He firmly believes in the saying ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. His own confessions,”Yes, I am old school!” He swears by his friends’ description of him! He amusingly adds,” Walk up to a friend of mine and they would describe me to be witty and a jocular guy. They aren’t lying, I assure you.” He is fondly referred to as a gourmet (though he considers himself a gourmand!).

He signs off by saying, “I do not spare any opportunity I get to Run to the Hills. I am also a traveler at heart.” (Kudos if you got the Iron Maiden reference!).

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