Summer Splurging, Fall Spending Diet

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Exuberant, enjoyable summer holidays most often than not mean that September finds you in a rather broke state. One doesn’t need to go abroad to spend a considerable amount of money. Even one-day mini holiday trips, if not plan correctly, can burn holes in your pockets.

And the comes Fall and one wonders where did the money go? Maybe to that impromptu trip to your friends beach house (that extended to a 5-day stay)?

So whether you wish to avoid a holiday spree, or you just landed home all broke, read on to discover ways to avoid going belt-tightening.

Planning Ahead

Make a detailed list/report of what you plan to do, including expenses for any unexpected costs that might come your way (they always do). Have 1/3 of your budget saved for those unplanned expenses. Better be left with extra money than overcharging that credit card.

Set Limits

Everyone goes over the board during holiday season; others blame the sun, others blame all those infatuating bodies one sees at the beach. Signpost your spending limits so that when you’re about to exceed them the alarm will go off.

Avoid unnecessary spending following your summer holiday

  • Buy food and prepare on-the-go lunches, instead of binging on the snack bar at your hotel room.
  • Take advantage of any discount or free meal that’s included in your holiday package. Even if that means sacrificing one hour of sleeping in.
  • Smart traveling, just because you’re on vacation it doesn’t mean you will spoil yourself 24/7. Find the best available discounts. Use public transportation and your feet too! Why spend money on taxis and private renting when public transportation is as good and way cheaper?

Post-party solutions

Okay, so you spend (a whole lot) more than you planned for that 6-day holiday. Now what? No, you keep paying bills, if that’s what you’re thinking! Here are some no-fail tips for surviving the post-holiday starvation.

Mindless holiday spending translates into Fall Spending Diet!

Make wise eating choices

  • Dine out less, which means going grocery shopping for preparing cheaper and healthier meals for your lunches and snacks.
  • Pack lunch and brew your own morning coffee. This alone can save you up to $60/week.
  • Make well-thought grocery lists and meal planning to avoid throwing out food. You can’t afford it remember?

Make smart entertainment choices

  • Gather with buddies at houses instead of your usual coffee shop.
  • Minimize dates, cinema, clubbing and other going out entertainment expenses- at least for a while.
  • Host parties and dinners at your house instead of splurging on expensive restaurants.

It’s your choice, either you play it smart or pay for it later.


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