Why You Should Stop Learning And Start Being Creative Instead

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We spend more than twenty years being explicitly taught, be it Maths and Physics, History and Language, people never really escape the spectre of having to acquire knowledge. And a lot of it.

But at what point do we actually stop learning and accumulating knowledge and start using it actively and creatively? In other words, why creativity is far more important than knowledge?

Be creative, get inspired

Knowledge if unused is pretty useless

Imagine the sheer volume of knowledge you’ve acquired over the years. How much of it was it actually applied or put into good use? 2, maximum 5% of that knowledge?

Oddly enough we tend to be overly passive when it comes to knowledge; we devour it but we leave it unexploited. Which pretty much equals not having it at all, doesn’t it?

Focusing on creativity will make knowledge valuable

If we switched our obsession over knowledge accumulation and into a more active and inspired creativity, then this knowledge will finally start being useful.

Taking a piece of information and turning it into a  more personal and productive aspect of itself, it immediately adds purpose and value to that knowledge. Needless to say this is the main purpose of knowledge.

What businesses really want?

There’s no answer as to what’s more valuable in the corporate world, of course knowledge is essential, but ultimately its up to a business’ goals how much innovation and creativity are encouraged.

Chances are you’ve got enough knowledge in  your backpack already, starting  to put it into meaningful actions should be your next step.

Creativity is a process that if done thoroughly can be extremely rewarding and gratifying. Creativity is your imagination unleashed and put into graspable form, the knowledge you hold is malleable, turn it into something useful now.

Knowledge is what one receives, creativity is what one makes out of it. You can choose to create something innovating and extraordinary or you can go mainstream and let knowledge become a never-used archive of information.

What’s it going to be?


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