Are you the ideal employer?

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Becoming the Best Employer

No one ever made it by being sneaky, even if they did, soon their scamming was revealed. If you want to get your work appreciated or even better, get the job you were always destined to land, the following are essential traits you should start working on.


Every employer seeks out people that are productive and effective in what they do. Show your employer you know what you are doing and do it the best way possible. Giving daily 100%, is hard for your employer to miss.


Be the kind of person, your boss will blindly trust. Always double check your work, be meticulous and slowly you’ll be the most trusted employee. This however is something you need to constantly do; your employer needs to see that reliability is a natural skill of yours and not something you try to be. Accepting responsibility instead of blaming others, is one way of building trust.


A positive, determined attitude can get you far. Being the ideal employee means anticipating problems and fixing them before they even emerge. It also means taking initiative and being beneficial to your company. Most importantly, show a poised attitude, this alone is enough to make your employer think your performance will be exceptional  as well.

Team work


The key to success: Passion and Determination

The perfect employer is likeable, cooperative and adaptable. You should be able take the leadership on a project, as well as being just a cog in the machine, one should to excel at both. Team spirit means handling disagreements well and being always willing to solve conflicts within a pleasant, honest context.


Being an indispensable employee, is all about possessing traits that are rare and valuable, like being proactive and intuitive. You need to love what you do and make sure others see that. Don’t miss an opportunity to show passion and dedication for your job. Especially when you are NOT supposed to be working, show initiative, vision and the desire to evolve and learn new things.

There are many more characteristics, like being a fast learner, having discreetness and integrity and so on. Since one can’t be everything at once, pay attention to those you deem more essential and gradually improve your weaker points.




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