Fashion Horoscope: What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Personal Style?

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Your zodiac sign can not only tell you about your personality and personal relationships, but also your fashion style. Your zodiac sign can tell you what to wear to enhance your life’s quality, select gifts for your loved ones, suggest your friends about fashion bits and breeze through the latest trends to pick the best for you.


Red signifies your ruling planet Mars and is the best colour for you. Whenever you are dressing for a special occasion, red or a shade of it ideally should be on your list. Red is a strong, statement colour which you may not be able to wear everyday. Introduce red and its tints (and shades) in your everyday dressing by adding an accessory – a hair clip, a cap, a bag or shoes, a red stole/ duppatta etc.


Your Sign is mainly associated with the neck, throat and upper body parts. Hence, any emphasis on these body parts with your fashion statements shall help you gain the maximum and most favourable attention. Various types of neck-pieces, hats, ties, scarves, stoles, shrugs shall make excellent accessories. Go for fabrics like silk and gossamer, and use a plenty of colour – it will keep you light and fresh.


Your vibrant persona shall help you experiment with a variety of colours, fabrics, styles and accessories. Yet, be careful, as you may have a tendency to go overboard or mix too many things at a go. Many of you do not tend to be very brand conscious, which allows you to get the most out of a limited budget. Most Gemini feel that comfort scores over style, and that is why you should always look for comfortable clothes, which are subsequently smart and trendy. Your free-spirited self shall find great expression in colours like orange, yellow and bright neons, and in styles like capri pants, racer-back tees, funky, sporty clothing and even short dresses.


Moon rules the Sign of Cancer, and that is white, off-white, creams, shades of grey and silver find a special preference in a Cancer’s world. Dresses that remind one of the vintage, an era gone by shall also look fabulous on you. Lace and soft nets are carried well by Cancer women, and they may add them to their feminine blouses, tops, knee length skirts or light kurtis. Males of this Sign are quite particular, and generally tend to stick to their tried and tested styles.


Sun is your ruler, and that is why the related colours of sunshine yellow, tints and shades of golds, tangerines and oranges suit you the best. They help you bring out your natural ebullience and positive air. Most of the times, you are an intelligent dresser, and can be sure of grabbing eyeballs at any social setting. Your collection of dresses and clothes is admirable and, people can easily look up to you to help them pick smart stuff. Most Leo men tend to stick best to informal, relaxed yet trendy clothing, whereas women have an eye for understated yet elegant stuff.


Your Earth element draws you to natural fabrics like cotton, linen, jute etc. and to earthy, solid colours, which incidentally are also practical and quite wearable – something that’s much admired by people of your Sign. Thus, deep forest greens, browns, deeper rusts, off-whites, beige and fawns find a special place in your wardrobe – and why not – you carry them so well. In accessories, watches and smart jewels usually score over other things for most Virgins.


Venus is your ruler and charm is like your second skin – hence style comes rather naturally to you. Your choice tends to be very elegant, and most people can rely easily on your advice when it comes to colours, cuts and trends. Many of you will be fond of wearing new clothes, which is usually quite evident from your huge collections, and which is why dresses/ accessories make the best gifts for you. All colours suit your charming persona, as you have the right knack to carry them, but pinks, pastels, blues and pearly colours are the best.


Scorpio is ruled by the dark Pluto. All jewel tones, specifically in deepest reds and blacks are extremely well suited for you. Your Sign is also the one that can carry smouldering, eye-catching make up the best – so, you can always experiment with dark, kohl-lined eyes or coloured mascara look, if that agrees with your complexion tone. In accessories, good quality sunglasses are a must for you – and if you wear spectacles, you may also try designer frames and tinted glasses.


Most of the times, you like wearing latest trends and hippest cuts and colours. Not the one to worry about others opinions, you often can be rebellious in your clothing and choice. When doing what you love the best – being outdoors or travelling, you love to sport bandanas, sporty clothing, open-toed sandals, blasé prints, short bohemian kurtas and boho-chic skirts/ leggings/ jeans. Deep red, majestic purples, fuchsia pinks, navy blues are much loved, and suit you the best.


You tend to be rather conservative and traditional in your fashion choices, and prefer sticking to the tried and tested. Your natural sense of elegance and grace tends to be very high, and you should, thus, take advantage of this gift. Saturn, your Zodiac ruler, gives you special preference for colours like blacks, greys and whites, but your Earth element also makes you dress in shades of beige, fawns, browns and tans – not to mention that all these colours are solid, practical and conventional. Capricorn women tend to love sarees and draped skirts, while the men prefer sticking to formal shirts and ties.


You are usually gifted with an ability to carry all kinds of styles and starkly opposite dressing trends. Clothing items like fancy t-shirts, wide-legged jeans, shorts, flouncy skirts, off-shoulder tops are much loved, and accessories like anklets, hoop earrings, dangling chandeliers, silver bangles, colourful, floral chappals, long boots are well-carried. You also love to decorate your hands and feet, and thus like to collect nail-paints in myriad colours and luxurious hand-creams.


Cool, aqua colours like blues of the marine life, azure blues, surf greens, lavender and soothing whites, creams and silvers are best suited for you. Soft, sensuous fabrics suit you the best – in fact, no one can carry clingy chiffons or ultra-feminine yet traditional muslins better than you. Males of your species are often inclined to wear pants over soft velvet jackets, whereas females prefer comfortable clothing like cotton kurtas, pleated skirts etc. You can experiment with eye-make-up, dressing your expressive eyes with marine colours.


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