Show Off Your Under Cleavage With This New “UNDERBOOB” Bra!

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When it comes to underwear, we’ve seen the strangest things. Now, something new and lacy comes along to baffle us all. As we all know, usually bras are built to support and lift your breasts through lining, under-wire and optional padding and so give you a cleavage at the top of your breasts. But, this bra doesn’t have any cups to lift your breasts!

Yes, this “open cup” bra is designed by Honeydew Intimates which is actually missing the bottom half of the bra. The full name of this bra is Nichole cap sleeve Open Cup Bralette. So, instead of covering only the bottom half of your breasts so that your bra doesn’t show in Low-Neck tops, it covers the top half of your breasts and your entire chest like a normal top with sleeves.


This must be designed only for someone to wear on Saturdays while lying on a couch, and not doing any activity where they would need to be vertical for a prolonged period of time.


This Bralette comes in pink and black, and is sold for $36 at Nordstrom. There you go, if you’re interested in showing off your own underboob.


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