Spring 2014: What to wear today

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It’s spring girls! Finally. When you get to wear floral skirts and silky, see-through blouses, there’s really no excuse in feeling blue! We decode Spring/Summer 2014 trends so you will look awesome every single day!

Cheer Up It’s a Bright Day!

Nothing screams spring is here than bright-colored clothing. Forget the boring neutrals, blacks and browns of winter. Binge on neon skirts to pop up with every outfit!

For the faint-hearted start with bright-colored accessories, sunglasses, watches and bracelets. For the bright color rocking it diva, girl, the world is your playground; have fun with mixing and matching different colors, prints and patterns!

Bohemian was never truly dead

You thought it has had its day, but boy were you wrong! Spring/Summer 2014 is all about over-the-board, go-big-or-go-home accessories and pieces.

No money to go on a shopping spree? Dig up your 90’s closet, there are gems awaiting discovery!

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Rock it Girl

The rock-chic trend is truly timeless. This spring it comes with a twist.

The bold, masculine trend comes with a more feminine twist this spring.

Think of tiny little lady bags embellishing an otherwise rock outfit of black and white. Think of the short moto jacket over a floral sun-dress. Rules are for breaking and spring is our time to dress the way we it feels right!

Dress to Impress

Fashion catwalks have been showing us some show-stopping dresses for this spring. Forget the low-profile ones. Spring calls for all-eyes-on-me dresses with loud prints, exquisite embellishments and an invigorating creativity from you.

Spring/Summer Color trend

This spring you will be in fashion whether you shop or not. The color palette is big and by big we mean ginormous! From the classic monochrome to icy pastels of mint green and baby pink to the timeless metallics and all-whites.

Don’t forget floral prints and neon colors too!


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