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For vintage enthusiasts, shopping is like treasure hunting. Vintage clothing  and accessories have a particularly intoxicating allure. For some it’s the uniqueness of a clothing item, for others, is its quality-something rarely found in modern clothing. For others yet, is the history and mystery behind them; who has worn it, where, why and how it might got there.

Evidently, the reasons behind vintage’s charm vary, however, all vintage lovers have one thing in common, an inexorable urge to discover vintage items. One feels keyed up to find the best floral dress, or the perfect pair of leather oxfords. Nonetheless, for those newly introduced to vintage clothing, this type of shopping can be rather nerve-racking.

The first thing to do is decide which decades’ clothing and styles you are comfortable with wearing. This will substantially narrow down your options. Flick through magazines, pay attention to what friends wear, watch old movies and of course, examine your present  style; what you often wear, what you’ve never worn and so on.

It's about finding key pieces

Having decided on what you are looking for, the next step is location. Ideally, European trips to major cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Bologna and Antwerp, among others, would give you plenty of choices, however, in this day and age, one has to make do within their country’s boundaries.

Just because you cannot visit Paris’ vintage markets, does not mean you cannot access beautiful and exceptional vintage items. From yard sales, to charity bazaars and flea markets your options are in fact, endless.

And we haven’t even mention the obvious thrift and charity shops, vintage-themed markets, as well as the Internet; allowing you to shop all things vintage from around the globe!

Nevertheless, the most fruitful, yet often neglected place to-go-to is your family. Your mother, your grandmas, that aunt you only see on holidays, friends of friends and so on. Find the courage and ask them to share their clothes and the stories that come with them!

Finally, for those find it weird  to wear old or second-hand clothing, despite their love for vintage fashion; the answer is vintage-inspired lines. Major brands like Topshop, Thom Dolan, Free People, Poetrie and others, offer vintagey lines, minus the ‘oldness’.

Last but not least, vintage clothing should enrich your existing style, making it more elaborate and thought-out. It is crucial then, choosing items that are you. Mix it up with your current style, make it yours, make it you.


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