10 Best Unexplored Chinese Food Restaurants in Delhi-NCR

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Delhi has been infamous for its ‘Punjabi Chinese’—an adapted local version far removed from the actual food consumed in China. But now, the culinary landscape is changing radically. The city has several excellent restaurants that do complete justice to the rich culinary diversity of the country, and dish up food that is authentic in its use of ingredients, cooking methods and presentation.
We give you the top Chinese food restaurants in Delhi that serve the most authentic and delicious Chinese food that will keep you please your taste buds and keep you lusting for more.

1. Dimsumbros

Located inside the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, the restaurant is known for its large variety of baked, steamed or fried dim sums which they offer in thirty-seven varieties. It also has a separate bar, which allows regular visitors to come and savor the uniqueness of their Chinese cuisines with the some of the best cocktails.


The restaurant,in The Westin Hotel, Sector 29, Gurgaon, has expatriate chefs, three among whom are from China, one from Thailand and one from Singapore. They pride themselves for being an authentic Chinese and Thai restaurant quite contrary to the regular Hindi-Chini food stalls, which are pitted all across the city.

3. Xiao Chi

Located at about 30 kilometers from the heart of Gurgaon, the place is worth visiting mostly due to the ambiance, which it has to offer. If someone is seeking to enjoy a dinner away from the madding crowds of the city, this joint provides the perfect excuse.
xiao chi

4. ChaoBella

Located in Okhla, ChaoBella has chefs exclusively for noodles and that is where this Chinese joint stands-out in comparison to the other specialist Chinese restaurants in the city. They have about eight varieties of noodles which are hand-crafted in front of you, to add to the awe and wonder.
chao bella

5. Hao Shi Nian Nian

Located in the prime area of Greater Kailash, its most striking feature is its association with celebrity chef Mike Le Wei. The quality of the food is outstanding and the joint can certainly boast about its ability to manage a big crowd thereby justifying its promotional campaigns.
hao shi nian nian

6. My Humble House

The appearance and decor of this roof-top restaurant in ITC Maurya, Sardar Patel Margis anything but naive. The combination of soft lighting, cozy corners might not look extravagant but nonetheless it has that addictive quotient, which will make one return to its warmth, again and again.
humble house

7. China Club

If we leave aside the mouth-watering treats of China Club,MG Road, Gurgaon, there are various other aspects which will make it one of the best Chinese restaurants in Delhi. For instance the glassed-in kitchen allows you to get a spectacular view of the team of Sichuan chefs, cooking your meal.
china club

8. Asia Seven

The authentic Chinese cuisine blended and tossed with variety of species and herbs makes it a worthy to visit this noisy and messy joint in the Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon.
asia seven

9. The China Kitchen

It is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Delhi, to offer cold starters, adhering to the traditional Chinese style and the thorough detailing observed in each of the dishes makes every bite feel like heaven.
china kitchen

10. Yauatcha

The Delhi outpost of the London restaurant is best-known for its dazzling variety of steamed, fried and baked dim sums, in both vegetarian and meaty options.


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