4 Chardonnay Wine Blends And The Dishes They Must Perfectly Pair!

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Chardonnay is premium grape varietals mostly found in the Burgundy region of France. They are green-skinned grapes which delicately undergoes a thorough process of peeling, fermentation, and aging to make a perfect blend of white wines. Aside from that, Chardonnay deems the most number of grape varietals found in all vineyards of Burgundy.


Aside from that, the luxury of Chardonnay grape varietals makes it a perfect element to blend with different ingredients so that every vineyard can make an ideal wine label. A perfect wine blend that uses a Chardonnay blend is Chablis, which is also a well-known wine brand all over the world. Each bottle of Chardonnay blend comes from light to medium-bodied that comes in full acidity. Besides, when Chardonnay undergoes fermentation for a more extended period, the wine becomes sweeter. 


While Chardonnay makes the best blend of white wines in the world, this grape varietal deems a perfect choice for food pairing. As you may have known, white wines are mostly used, especially in fine dining restaurants as one of the ingredients to formulate an excellent dish. Aside from that, Chardonnay wines come also perfect with food pairings and blends perfectly to some recipes you might serve. 


Hence, in this article, we’d like to give you a foolproof guide of excellent Chardonnay food pairings. It will ensure that once you get a chance to cook a dish, you will know what Chardonnay blend to use and at the same time, you have knowledge as to what kind of Chardonnay wine may best fit your food. 

Unoaked, Young, and Cool Climate Chardonnay 

It is a type of Chardonnay blend which does not undergo oak barrel aging. At the same time, it is harvested early and young and used for usual Chardonnay blend wines. One excellent example of this wine is Chablis, which is bottled right away after the grapes undergo fermentation and the right time of aging in stainless steel.


When it comes to food pairing, they can go perfectly to dishes which would look like as delicate and light. Foods such as crabs, shellfish, steamed vegetables, grilled chicken, and pasta strings blend perfectly with this type of Chardonnay blend. If you want to experience the taste of this Chardonnay wine variety ultimately, you may also serve sashimi or sushi, which comes light in your palate. Lastly, each bottle of unoaked and young Chablis blend may come best with a plate of oysters. 

Unoaked, Fruitier, and Lightly Oaked Chardonnay 

It is a type of Chardonnay blend that undergoes development in a warmer region or climate. It denotes a more contemporary style of Chardonnay production compared to the first one. Most of these Chardonnay blends comes with a peachy or melon-like flavor. Examples of this wine blend came from elite countries like South Africa, France, Chile, New Zealand where this country produces the most premium and rich blends of Chardonnay which they only sell in fine wine merchants like sokolin.com.


These type of Chardonnay blends may pair with more vibrant dishes. These recipes include fish cakes made from salmon. Other types of meals that may blend with this type of Chardonnay wine may also combine pork pasta in a creamy sauce, salads made from full cheese, chicken salad, macadamia nuts, and other recipes made from creamy and full butter. 

Oak Aged and Full-Bodied Chardonnays

It is a Chardonnay blend that undergoes full nourishment, fermentation, and aging. It is a type of Chardonnay blend that lives inside an oak barrel for a stipulated amount of time. Once they completed the level and days in aging, they are bottled right away. Example of this Chardonnay blends is the ones crafted from New Zealand, Australia, and California. They also came from the Burgundy region where each label is considered as premium and elite. 


When it comes to pairing dishes, full-bodied and oak-aged Chardonnay blends may similarly unite with what was listed above, but it should come with extra richness. Typical dishes like butternut squash, summer vegetables with highly crafted pepper, and foods with full cheddar cheese is best with this Chardonnay made wine. The full-bodied and oak-aged Chardonnay blend will surely help in making the food tender in your palate at the same time make it easier for you to digest. 

Mature Barrel-Aged Chardonnays

It is one of the most expensive, sweetest, and the rarest blend of Chardonnay you can find. They are maturely aged in oak barrels for an extended period that can reach up to 8 years. Take note that the longest time that a Chardonnay blend would undergo aging, the more it comes creamy, nutty, and has the most elegant taste. 


This type of Chardonnay blend may pair with delicate dishes such as grilled scallops, roasted chicken, hazelnut fish or chicken, and highly roasted tomatoes with wild mushrooms.  Lastly, any dish made of fennel puree is perfect with this type of Chardonnay blend. 


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