4 Online Women Groups In India That Help Women Travel The World! Isn’t it cool?

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It requires a lot of courage for a woman to build a life of travel alone. In this so called modern world where there are a lot of opportunities coming up but still lacking behind in the area of women protection, we need better systems for women on the go. Few amazing groups in India have made it possible! Now women can travel at cheaper prices and in groups formed only by women. Isn’t it cool?


1. Wow clubwow

WOW is one of the famous women travel clubs run by Sumitra. The club organizes trips to cater all over the world but only for women. Cool, eh? They bring like-minded women together, so that they can have a nice time! The club provids them everything related to travel and make all the travel essentials possible. If trouble free holiday with fellow women is on your mind then WOW is the place. The tours are accompanied by a knowledgeable WOW buddy and do around 75 trips a year. They also organize DIY holidays called Zing holidays for those interested in self-guided tours.


2. Women On Clouds Club


This particular one is a Delhi based travel company which is in service since 2007 and was into arranging different kinds of plans to cater to the needs of women who travel. They provide opportunities for women to explore new destinations and locations, and at the same time give a platform to network with women from varied backgrounds. Their products include weekend, adventure, leisure, and yoga getaways.


3. Soul Purpose


Mimi and Vidya started Soul Purpose with the purpose of giving an adventurous life to women. they do adventure trips like tours which include trekking, kayaking, rafting and wildlife safari to name a few. They also conduct workshops on photography, meditation, yoga, and wellness to make the trip worthwhile. And they say that one need not worry about their fitness levels as they have tailor-made activities for everyone


4. Women on their own trip


Started by Shibani who has army roots and hence was never rooted to any place, Wonderful World specifies that they offer holidays and not just guided tours. Their women groups for travel are not more than 12-14 in size, which makes the experience an intimate one. Also, they give a detailed description of itineraries on their site, making it easier for women opting for a particular trip. They also have a concept called ‘Wonderful Wallet’ in which they credit you with a certain percentage of the total amount spent on a particular trip, which can be redeemed in the future trips with them.


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