5 Dessert Restaurants in Delhi That You Must Visit

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you always craving for something chocolaty? These are the places you should definitely visit at least once:

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1. Naturals Ice cream

When dining in Connaught Place, a visit here is a must and has sort of become a ritual to at least try one flavor All the fruit flavors are must try. They also have shakes for all the flavors that are equally amazing and each sip feels like melted ice cream and the rich flavors make you want to keep having more of it. This place is highly recommended and must try for anyone who loves ice cream. A visit here once will definitely make you come back for more.

2. Whipped

Whipped is one of the most loved dessert parlours in Delhi. Whipped Gk2 is a small parlour located on the main road but because of its just scrumptious desserts, no one can ever miss it. Whipped is one of those places which will never fail to satisfy your sweet craving. This place is definitely worth every penny and definitely, a must visit.

3. ChocoVault

It’s a heaven for people with sweet tooth . To fill your senses with a flood of chocolate delicacies one must visit Choco Vault. Amazingly presented menu and lip-smacking offerings make it a top notch dessert house for food enthusiasts. The Nutella pastry is a must have. It doesn’t all about the desserts only, They have some burgers, sandwiches and pizza too to stay there for quite more time and try their amazing creations. All in all a paradise for chocolate lovers and a must visit as they offer a nice ambiance too.

4. Frugurpop, Gurgaon

This is a moving van on which you get really amazing pops mixed up with fruits or milk but its freshness makes their ice creams especially. More than a delicacy, It is a Colourful visual treat of exotic kiwis, strawberries, peach and sweet blueberries. Must have for all the Calorie-conscious ice cream & fruit lovers who can’t consume calories but can’t live without them either.

5. Krispy Kreme

A nice outlet of Krispy Kreme located Select Citywalk mall, Saket is definitely a place to visit if u are looking for a great donut to satisfy your sweet tooth. From a large number of variety and types of donuts, the outlet is definitely worth some love. A must mention is double chocolate crunch which was just amazing for my taste buds. So absolutely a nice place to visit which can handle the gathering with ease.


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