5 Travel Trends That Set You Free

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We are the new kings and queens of our journeys. Itineraries aren’t set by agents anymore nor are they involved with flight and hotel bookings. Solo journeys have become a part of everyone’s bucket list.
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1. Designing your own itinerary

You are no longer a part of a herd on vacation. You don’t need another person deciding how to spend your four nights and five days. You’d rather design your vacation from scratch, from the modes of transport to places to stay and restaurants to dine in. Even quick getaways are turned into memorable affairs with detours, homestays, local food, and self-discoveries.

2. Age No Bar

Spiritual sojourns or hosting grandkids are the things of the past. Our seniors are in an exploratory mode trying out really offbeat destinations and activities, while the youngest in the family are enrolling for adventure camping, hiking, canoeing-here and abroad.

3. Off The Grid

Overwhelmed by virtual fatigue on their vacations, a lot of people are deliberately traveling off the grid holidays. It could be actually going off the electricity grid and living on solar or hydropower or simply driving to an unexplored hideout with no screens or Wi-fi to interfere.

4. Tech, Set, Go

Technology has made travel smooth too. These days, with most airlines and cafes abroad providing free Wifi you are always connected with friends, no matter where you are. You can talk to your parents and check up on their health sitting in another continent, just by using Whatsapp. Also, if you want to alter your itinerary midway through a vacation, there are several travel apps that allow you to make instant changes.

5. Off Season

The best time to travel is when you feel like it. New age travelers are those whose plans are not dictated by summer breaks. Seldomworried about unfavorable weather conditions and eager to break away from the crowds, more and more travelers are going off the beam for new experiences.
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