Balance Your Diet According to Food Colour Codes

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When it comes to nutrition, are we truly free? Or do we feel bound by conflicting information? Can we ever be free to eat whatever we want?
If weight loss and maintenance are our goals, then some foods are born more than equal to others.

Follow these colour codes and have a balanced diet.

1. Orange

Orange foods include papaya, carrot, apricots and more. Carrot prevents cancer, helps us see better and slows down ageing. Papaya boosts the immune system and safeguards us against disease. Apricots are bursting with iron, potassium, and fibre. Pumpkin is brimming with goodness, right down to the seeds.
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2. Brown

Revel in the benefits of brown foods which include nuts, potatoes, ginger, quinoa. Potatoes are loaded with vitamin B6- vital to the building of new cells. Walnuts and almonds help with the prevention and management of diabetes. Quinoa is one of the purest sources of protein, it has all the nine essential amino acids needed by our body.
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3. White

Lean white meats, egg whites, onion and garlic represent the white corner. Chicken and turkey are fantastic sources of lean protein. Onions are potent anti-infammatories and garlic is a brilliant antioxidant.
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4. Green

Kale, asparagus, green beans, spinach, broccoli, edamame, basil, capsicum, green tea. Sources of vitamin, nutrients, anti-oxidants.
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Also, there are dals, sabzis which are great foods. Oil, fat and sugar intake must be monitored while preparing these foods so that you can get the best of them.


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