Beat The Summer Heat with These Refreshing Drinks! DIY!

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It’s time to cool off the heat. Here are a few drinks which you can drink during the summer and which will also enlighten your mood :

1. Iced Tea

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A glass of iced tea is a healthier alternative to aerated drinks. It tastes good and it is the best drink to have on a hot day. Dieters prefer iced green tea as it has no calories.

2. Lemonade

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Lemonade has been ended up being the most common chilling beverage. Simply get a glass of ice water, press a lemon in it and a tiny bit sugar, you have yourself an impeccable chilling drink to get through a hot day.Lemonade doesn’t harm you in any way and is easily available everywhere.

3. Cold Coffee

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Now this is everybody’s favorite. Cold coffee is the tastiest and most easily available drink. A glass of cool espresso helps you get past an extreme day. If you want to make it better, add an ice cream scoop in it. You will have the best drink ever. So make cold coffee you’re favorite now.

4. Virgin Mojito

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Virgin Mojito is a nonalcoholic drink that is guaranteed to cut through the summer heat. It is a blend of mint, citrus, and sugar. Mojito is originally made from Rum. But nowadays, even without Rum, it has been proven to be people’s favorite in Restaurants.

5. Coconut Water

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Coconut water is the most natural drink and it is easily available anywhere. Coconut water helps you to expel the warmth from your body and it has numerous different advantages like it also clears your skin.


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