Things You Need to Know for a Smooth Keto Diet Transition!

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Keto diet’s popularity is on the rise and A-listers as well as common people are falling for it like anything. So, there isn’t any wonder that you also want to switch your diet to ketosis. But let’s get a reality check: switching to a keto diet is not an easy feat!

If you love your favourite high carb food and get scared by the idea of eating high-fat food, switching to the keto diet can be difficult. After all, you know the keto diet is all about cutting on carbs and adding fatty foods in your dietary plan. Maybe you can do it for a few days, but sticking to it can be scary. It is hard to adopt big changes, but sustaining them is even harder. It is not only a constant struggle with your carbs cravings, but you also have to reset your mood and habits.

It is always better to know a few things before jumping into the ketosis process for long term effects. No matter how fantastic a keto diet sounds, or how many good reviews you have heard about it, you can’t switch to it right away.

Here are tips and information to ensure your smooth transition into the keto diet:

Don’t be Impatient:

A ketogenic diet journey can be rough and tough. It is not easy to give up on your set eating habits. Moreover, your body is already set to consume a particular type of nutritional elements. Pouring too many fats in the body can go hard on your body. So, don’t be impatient, cut down carbs and increase fats slowly. Remember that you can’t shed weight within a few days after getting into the ketosis process. It is a time-consuming process, so go slow until your body gets used to changed eating patterns.

Be Mindful of Nutrition Proportion:

The amount and percentage of nutrition matter a lot in a keto diet. You must keep a check on your carbs intake, which shouldn’t increase more than 5-10 percent. Whereas fats intake can go up to 75-80 percent. Rest of the percentage is occupied by proteins. Things can go back to zero if your nutrition proportion gets shaky. So, be watchful of them!

In case you feel that you are not getting adequate nutrition to trigger ketosis process, you can also take keto vitamins supplements

Difference Between Keto and Non-Keto Food:

Choosing keto and non-keto friendly food can be a bit tricky. You know that fatty foods, like cheese, full cream milk and yogurt are keto-friendly. Whereas, bread, pasta and other high carb products are non-keto items. The actual issue arises with vegetables and seafood. You can eat green vegetables like broccoli and other veggies like cauliflower, but yam, beets and potatoes can be killers for your keto diet. Similarly, you can eat all types of fish, but watch out your shellfish intake.


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