Top 7 Parks in Santiago to Visit During Your Trip to Chile

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When visiting the capital of Chile, you definitely should explore the best parks in Santiago as they are magnificent. There you will be able to cool off on hot days and enjoy a variety of activities. The parks are very well cared for and each has unique attractions of its own.

Best Parks in Santiago Chile You Should See During Your Trip

1.    Parque Quinta Normal

Parque Quinta Normal is the first place you should visit and you can even make a day out of it. This attraction is much more than a mere park. Here you’ll find paddle boats, museums, historic buildings, and a big playground for children.

The park regularly hosts multiple events and exhibits in the museums are fascinating. It’s located right in the heart of Santiago, but the park itself is a quiet and peaceful place where you can relax.

2.    Parque Araucano

Parque Araucano is one of the most modern parks in Santiago and it’s definitely one of the best. Located right across from a huge mall, this park offers many types of entertainment and activities. Here you’ll find fabulous Rose Gardens and Aviary. There are also bike and skate parks and multiple playgrounds for kids to enjoy.

This park also regularly hosts interesting events, such as garden fairs. The entrance is free, but some events might require a fee for attendance. The park is closed on Mondays.

3.    Parque Bicentario

There’s no better place to relax than Parque Bicentario when you need to rest from a big Santiago walking tour. After exploring the city downtown and being surrounded by the hustle and bustle caused by over six million residents, a relaxing stroll through the huge piece of jungle that is Parque Bicentario will be perfect. Here you can witness the beauty of the local nature and a spectacular view of the Andes.

The park has some beautiful sculptures and good restaurants, so you can enjoy a pleasant dinner and evening stroll around the pond.

4.    Parque O’Higgins

Parque O’Higgins embodies the definition of an urban park. It’s big and located smack in the city center. It’s the place where you should go to enjoy music as two of the popular venues are located here. There’s also an amusement park all kids are sure to love.

O’Higgins is one of the best parks in Santiago for those who are looking for active recreation. People come here to dance and enjoy live music festivals and events. The latter are most often hosted in early autumn.

5.    Parque Forestal

Unlike other top parks in Santiago, Chile, Parque Forestal is quite simple. It’s located downtown but the place is very quiet and has few facilities for entertainment except two great art museums. If you are an art lover, this will be a perfect place for you. The museums are Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. There’s also Palacio Bruna across the road.

Parque Forestal isn’t particularly big, but it merges with Balmaceda Park stretching along the Mapocho River. It’s a great place for a jog and has a few bike trails.

6.    Jardin Castillo Hidalgo

Castillo Hidalgo is a beautiful historic castle located on top of the Santa Lucia Hill. It’s surrounded by a gorgeous garden that enhances the beauty of the building and adds to the magical atmosphere of the place.

7.    Santuario de la Naturaleza El Arrayan

If you want to see the true glory of the Chilean nature, you should go right outside Santiago to this magnificent natural sanctuary. It doesn’t have any special activities and entertainment spots, but the beauty of the place will leave you breathless. It’s perfect for a day hike and a picnic.


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