3 Most Effective Sugar Free Protein Shakes!

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Some say that meal replacements like ViSalus protein shakes can do more damage than
benefit to a user because of a rather disputable content. Indeed, all your endeavors to shed
overweight can be crossed by an unacceptably big sugar content. If you are unaware, sugar is
the major enemy in any weight management campaign. Regardless of your goals, sugar is the
first ingredient to be excluded out of the diet. Nevertheless, a complete abandonment of this
element may lead to the loss of flavor of a supplement. Those who do not practice the DIY
sports drinks will be frustrated to lose an opportunity to enjoy a delicious flavor of the product. At
the same time, it does not mean that a decent supplement depends on sugar and tastes
disgusting if it lacks. The following selection refutes the abovementioned assumption and
proves that a sugar-free product can be rather effective.

100% All Natural Whey


This supplement produced by MRM is free of sugar. Moreover, you won’t find any unnatural
component inside the package. Its name completely corresponds to its content. The purpose of
the shake is to serve as an auxiliary source of protein for female and male users regardless of
age. Even growing children can opt for the merchandise without any risk to damage the health.
The volume of the core ingredient is more than enough. Each serving supplies 18g of a powerful
formula consisting of whey concentrate and isolate.

Despite the absolute absence of sugar, users are not deprived of a gustatory delight. The shake
is available in two flavor options – French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. On this account, users
obtain a combination of effectiveness and great taste. The supplement can be used either
before or after your muscular activity. However, the pre-workout consumption is recommended
to achieve the highest performance.


Unlike the previous solution, this protein shake by Nature’s Best is absolutely unflavored. No
hints of vanilla or chocolate are provided. Nevertheless, such naked protein source has own
benefit. First of all, the powder is rarely used as a regular drink. Even if you mix it with the milk,
the result will be frustrating. The taste is horrible. However, any combination of the product with
other flavored beverages and victuals or its use as a component in DIY drinks elicit the huge
potential of the supplement.

Such words as sugar, carbohydrates, lactose, and fat are unknown to this merchandise. On this
account, the list of components is rather short. As for the core nutrient, users can enjoy of 26g
of whey protein isolate in each scoop.

Shake by NOW


The final item in our top 3 is a kind of the golden mean between two mentioned products. It is
not as natural as Isopure but free of gluten and numerous allergens like an egg, wheat, shellfish
etc. At the same time, the shake is available in three flavors, as well as in the tasteless form.
Similar to previous brands, you won’t find sugar here. As for the efficiency, the shake can give a
head start to its competitors since a high concentration of BCAA’s is the ace of trumps of this
merchandise. The source of the core component is also decent because it is the whey protein
isolate in the volume of 25g per serving. In short, this is a good solution for your weight management tasks.


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