6 Easy and Amazing Home Remedies For All Your Problems

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What is it like when you have a certain thing troubling you from weeks but no medicine and no treatment is helping you? It feels awful. So what you do is try a little NUSKHA with the help of your great MOM. Check some of these amazing remedies.

1. Baldness

Take a ginger, peel it and rub it on the bald spot on your head. Leave overnight. Repeat till a week. Changes will be observed.



2. Tanning

i) Make a paste of curd n orange juice in a bowl. Take a wide painting brush and apply the paste on your face. Leave for 15 mins, you’ll notice your face glowing and your skin better looking.



orange juice

ii) Make a paste of curd and tomato juice in a bowl and apply it on your arms and legs. Leave for 15 mins, dead cells will get removed and your skin will look brighter eventually.


tomato juice

3. Dandruff

Mix coconut oil and kapur-that we use in our homes for pooja. Leave for 30 mins and wash your head. Regular use of this mixture will reduce dandruff.


coconut oil


4. Lashes

To increase your lashes, put a drop of olive oil and rub your eyelashes. Repeat the process for a week. Changes are to be seen.

olive oil


5. Nails

Apply your daily moisturizer on your nails for avoiding breakage and making them smoother and shiny. You can even apply petroleum jelly vaseline.



6. Hair mask

Take the yolk out of an egg, mix it with honey and some coconut oil, put this mixture on your head overnight and wash the next morning. Repeat the process several times. Your hair will break less, become shiny and good looking.

shiny hair


egg yolk

coconut oil

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