Desire Those Long, Luscious Hair? Follow These Tips!

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Thick and long hair are every girl’s dream. This dream is absolutely attainable. All it takes is a little care and attention.
Follow these simple tips as a part of your hair care routine!

1. Oiling

Oil your hair at least twice a week. Like any other living thing, stimulus works wonders on your hair growth too. Massaging pulls blood flow to your scalp and this in turn stimulates the growth of your hair.

2. Massaging

Massage you’re hair at least twice a week. It improves the blood flow which gives hair additional nutrients. Pure lavender oil can be massaged on the scalp every alternate day to promote hair growth.

3. Washing Hair

Do not wash hair more than thrice a week. Washing them too often makes them dry and brittle.

4. Avoid using hot water

Use cold or normal water when washing. Hot water has the same effect as heat treatment. Your hair will be left dry and frizzy.

5. Use a wide toothed comb

Use a wide toothed comb to detangle the hair from the bottom and slowly work up as it will reduce breakage. Don’t try combing your hair while it’s wet as this may lead to unnecessary hair fall.

6. Hair cutting

Hair grows at the rate of ½ inch each month. But due to regular damage, styling and other reasons hair get split ends and damaged cuticles. Let the hair dresser trim the lower portion of the hair- about ½ inch every three months to ensure that the damage is minimum and your hair is healthy.

7. Avoid heat

Use natural methods, if you want waves and curls. And for straightening, reduce the temperature and use heat protectant.

8. Avoid hairdos with tightly pulled hair

Don’t tie your hair in tight ponies or hair do’s too much because the friction leads to hair breakage.

9. Shampoos loaded with chemicals

Chemical loaded shampoos, conditioners and styling products have adverse effects on hair in the long run. Try using more natural and herbal hair care. Use mild shampoos and conditioners.

10. De stress Yourself

Stress can lead to hair loss as well as reduce hair growth rate and make hair unhealthy. To keep your hair healthy and growing, avoid stress. A 7-8 hours sleep each day is necessary to keep your body fit. While asleep, body works on growth and repair,so inadequate sleep means less growth and damage.


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