Everything About Tampons You’ve Ever Wanted To Ask

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Here’s everything you have ever wanted to know about a tampon. All queries answered and all doubts cleared!

1. What is a tampon?

Tampons are made out of cotton, or a cotton-rayon blend, and are used to absorb the flow of menstrual blood by being inserted into the vagina, right up near the cervix, where they sit without discomfort. The tampon slowly fills up with blood, and when the tampon is full or it has been in for up to eight hours, it is pulled out by the string and disposed of.

2. How is it inserted?

One needs to find their vaginal opening and position the tampon at a right angle so that it glides in easily. If you have trouble, read the directions on the tampon pack properly and do as directed. A plastic applicator or a small mirror will be helpful for comfortable insertion.

3. What are the different types of tampons?

Tampons are available in various sizes and absorbency; so choose according to your flow and comfort level. Tampons handles leaks well so you can forget all your worries, once it is on.

4. What is the string for?

Tampons have a string attached at the end, which helps in pulling it out effortlessly. All you need to worry about is to tuck the string in such a way that it is not visible and doesn’t get dirty when you go to the washroom.

5. Does it cause any problem in one’s daily activities?

Wearing a tampon will not affect your daily activities. You can wear whatever you want and do what you like, even go swimming because once the tampon is fixed into your vagina, it will absorb all the menstrual blood. You don’t even have to remove it when you go for a bath or when you have to pee.

6. For how long can one tampon be worn?

A tampon can be worn for six to eight hours, after which you must change it to avoid any infection or pain due to dryness as it absorbs the menstrual blood. Wearing it for too long can cause toxic shock syndrome, which is a fatal problem that can lead to high fever, rash and vomiting. If you are going to be sleeping for more than eight hours at night, you can use a sanitary pad instead to avoid any harm.

7. Will it lead to loss of virginity?

Most people believe that wearing a tampon will make you lose your virginity. This is a myth. Tampon use stretches the hymen, which is a thin membrane but does not tear it.

8. Can one lose a tampon inside?

There is no way for a tampon to get lost inside you. Some people fear that they may not be able to pull it out. You can actually pull the tampon out quite easily with the string or even with your hand once you’ve figured the vaginal opening.

9. Does age matter for its use?

There is no particular age when you can start wearing a tampon. You can wear it at the age of sixteen or not use them till 40, it’s completely up to you. You don’t need to be 18 to be able to use these.

10. Are tampons available in India?

Tampons can be bought from major chemist outlets and can be ordered online as well. So, it’s a myth that tampons aren’t available in India.


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