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Making exercise a way of life is a bit tough and might be a hard nut to crack for some. Yes, getting out of the couch or even thinking about workouts seem to be laborious at first, but when they deliver results in a positive way, nothing seems to better than gymming then after.

It seems very adorable when exercising is seen just as a motion picture but when implemented, it requires quite hard work and endurance which lays its fruits when done right, at the right time.


It is felt and recognized by many trainers that working out in the gym and getting involved with equipment is not the only way to reduce or gain weight. Instead, things can be practiced well at home by doing indoor and outdoor exerting exercises.


People prefer to keep some durable exercising items at home like treadmill, cross trainer, etc. and perform the same functions as done in the fitness institutes. Nowadays, we have the option to buy all these online or even on rent say, you can go for buying cross trainer on rent, and save your gym expenses while working out with the same feel at your place.


For now, lets again focus on some tips and suggestions that would help you get familiar with the requirements for carrying on gymming and workouts in an appropriate way.


Take a rundown:

#1 Set a Realistic Aim

Yes, don’t compare with others and set goals that are not achievable. Others might have a varied schedule and differ in strength. Its rightly said by Kara Thompson, spokesperson of IHRSA, “Don’t strive for perfection or a goal that can’t be met, rather, focus on increasing healthy behaviors.”


Gradually add time, distance and intensity to your work out routine and see the fruitful results. If you 5k for now, slowly the count would increase to 7K and beyond. Thus, be practical and logical while defining and setting your objectives.

#2 Eat Healthy to be Healthy

You ask any gym expert, the principle to be followed with gym training is a healthy diet as its directly proportional to your body health.

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Food adds fuel to the body and it becomes crucial to give essential nutrients, vitamins, and proteins via high-quality foods. Maintain a diet plan and list up the daily intakes to get all the necessities that a body requires while simultaneously working out in the gym.

Consider adding fruits, veggies, flaxseeds, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats(like fish oil), etc.

#3 Be Consistent

You ask Chase Squires, a fitness freak and an athlete, his secret to be fit and fine you will get an answer somewhat like ‘Consistency’. He describes himself to be not fast but consistent which made him what he is today.


It’s not only that you struggle with your exercises and training, but you also have to struggle with yourself too while being consistent with eating your day meals and day workouts.

Be consistent and steady in whatever you do, make it a life principle and you’ll succeed in all your ventures.


#4 Forge a Plan, Make a Routine

A plan must be made to be implemented not to just portray!

A tennis star Martina Navratilova says, ‘Make a plan fit your life.’ She supports that going to the gym or doing exercises at home should be done constantly and regularly, making a strict plan which ultimately, delivers results.


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An action plan must constitute a routine in order to expect the desired outcomes of all your efforts, irrespective of the intake of food or gymming/exerting. 20 minutes of strength training done twice a week can tone your body and get it in shape. Interval training executed while following a pattern proves to be efficient and extremely time-efficient to get the intended productivity.

So, what the wait is for? Make a plan full of routine work activities and get going!


#5 Choose Adequate Supplements

Making a decision about the supplements is a big task as you need to decide which supplements to take apart from your nutritional diet. It is believed that supplements have a great roleplay in boosting the muscle gains; however, which one is to be taken in what amount is a significant concern.


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Creatine is a recognizable brand that is considered to be the most effective strength and size building supplement where many lifters and trainers agree to the same. The intake of these add-ons depends on how hard you work out and they prove to be effective while making your sessions less strenuous and easier to complete.


#6 Understand the Basics

Its the primary and significant aspect to know that there are some fundamentals to muscle building which needs to be well communicated with all the gym freaks.


First things first, you need to enlarge the size of your building blocks by taking good amount of calories and proteins so that the body gains mass which needs to be brought into shape. As per your body form, involve those exercises in your routine which suits you best and are mandatory to fulfill your motive.


Next, always remember, the importance of rest must not be underestimated as the muscle tissues grow not in the gym while training, instead, when you relax and recover from the performed exertions.


#7 Be Happy and Hydrated

Indeed, if you are happy you will be fit.


But here I am talking about the activities to choose which makes you happy and you enjoy doing them as there is no point exerting with exercises which you do forcefully, without putting your heart and soul into them. So, if you hate gym exercises, choose a workout which you like, it could be rock climbing or even running. (Pick something that is convenient)


“Drink One Gallon of water in a day.”

This is something everybody says, whether it’s your trainer, doctor, or even your family. But this is something we overlook and don’t pay much heed. 


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Cardiello, a health expert says, drinking ice cold water early morning and making it the first thing to do once you woke up, helps to boost your metabolism by 24% for approx. 90 minutes. So, hydrate your body well as it the hourly need which helps keep your fitness on track.


#8 Watch the Body Clock

Workout and exert when your body allows! Probably a person cannot exercise all day long and everybody has a specific time in which they can give their best to exert. 


“Working out while you have the most energy will yield the best results,” says Theodosakis, an exercise physiologist at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

Its rightly said that a body must workout when it possesses the most energy to get the desired results. If you are an early bird, choose the early mornings, else the other time of the day when your activeness and freshness are at peak.


I hope these guiding points help all you gym freaks out there who are undergoing or about to begin your gym training and, thus, provide useful insights about what all to take into account to acquire the desired results in an adequate manner.




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