Hair Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

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Some amazing life saving hair hacks, that are literally saviour in girls’ life and “a must know” for each one of us. Not only does these hacks prove to work wonders but make our life super easy and less time consuming. Check it out, and I am sure you will want to try these all; just like mee!!

1. When curling your hair curling iron, start from the middle. Your curls will last longer.

2. Know your brushes well


3. How to fake bangs


4. Curls without heat


5. Turn your bobby pins into sticky pinks to settle your hair

bobby pins

6. Use your bobby pins as graphic hair accessories

bobby pins des

7. Use different curling techniques to get the curls you want

different curling techniques

8. If you’re prone to frizz, dry your hair by pressing it with a towel, not rubbing it.


9. For the easiest, most secure buns ever, use spin pins instead of bobby pins.

spin pins

10. The perfect way to curl your hair with a flat iron

curls with flat iron


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