“Her” Soulful Music is all that You Need to Comfort Your Pregnancy!

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“Come from a space of peace and you’ll find that you can deal with anything”

Silki Agrawal’s soothing music is literally a boon for expecting mothers. The enormous proportions in which pregnancy takes a toll on “soon to be” mothers in physical, emotional and psychological aspect is undeniable. The morning sickness, the pains, the irritation, the bloating commonly referred to as pregnancy symptoms can wreak havoc in your daily routine if you are expecting your bundle of joy. Never in those testing 9 months we want you to regret your decision. Embrace MUSIC because….

Music is your door to liberation, peace and satisfaction.

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The mesmerizing soulful chants by the passionate singer, Silki Agrawal have the power of de-stressing you and bringing a positive change in your attitude, thinking process and lifestyle. Pregnant women can benefit a lot from these peaceful chants that instantly eliminate all negativity and fill their soul with happiness and a sense of clarity. Every expecting mother would want her newborn to be instilled with good qualities and develop a pleasing temperament. The enchanting songs help in this process even when the baby is growing inside the woman’s womb. The divine album (Soul Chants) is an incorporation of three beautiful medleys of songs – Guru Mantra, Ajai Alai and Gayatri Mantra.

The young singer beautifully describes the songs in her album – Gayatri Mantra as divine light, Guru Mantra as divine love for the Guru and Ajai Alai as divine power. Gayatri Mantra enlightens you with purity and will incite one’s soul with extreme positivity. Guru Mantra is about the supreme devotion and spiritual inclination towards your Guru. Ajai Alai is a powerful chant wherein one drifts away with a pulsating power of insight and clarity. The constructive vibrations emanated by these songs remove all your fears, doubts and purify your soul. The harmonies of these songs bring joy, wisdom and intelligence in your lives. At the end of the day, listen to these powerful chants and have a relaxed, sound sleep throughout the night.

The singer announced her successful arrival with her first album “Guru Mantra” when she sold over 4000 copies all over the world. Her second album “Soul Chants” can be your perfect Diwali gift for your friends and relatives to usher in a period of bliss and prosperity into their homes.

You can listen to her music here.

She is one voice which is hard to forget…


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